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BLP421 - Plasma Grow

Bright Light Systems BLP421 luminaire uses light emitting plasma (LEP) to provide a flicker-free, full spectrum light suitable for plant growth and horticulture applications. Consuming 270 watts with a single emitter, the BLP421 cuts energy costs by 40% when compared to traditional 400 watt high pressure sodium technology. A 50,000 hour (L70) lamp life minimizes maintenance cost and enables a return of investment of typically less than three years. Delivering high-density, continuous spectrum performance, this fixture offers UVA (280-315nm) and UVB (315-400nm) and is suitable for greenhouses and climate rooms. Integration of wireless controls with the Bright Light Management System offers additional energy savings up to 30%. Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

    Product Benefits

  • ▪ Reduce energy costs by 40%
  • ▪ UVA & UVB Full PAR Spectrum
  • ▪ No Infrared Radiation
  • ▪ Full Illumination in 60 Seconds
  • ▪ Dimmable from 100% to 20%
  • ▪ Easy Lamp & Reflector Maintenance
  • ▪ Rated Lifetime of 50,000 Hours
  • ▪ Wireless Lighting Control Ready
  • ▪ UL / cUL, CE