Take Control of Your Lighting.


Bright Light Systems offers a complete lighting solution to customers in a variety of different industries. Using the Bright Light Management System (BLMS) in conjunction with our durable, solid-state LED and Plasma luminaires, we help customers reduce their operating expense while providing a safe and secure working environment.

Ports and Harbors
BLS products are designed for the marine environment by using a copper-free marine grade aluminum or stainless steel chassis for the enclosure. External hardware is stainless steel and housings receive a galvanic pre-treatment layer, epoxy e-coat, and UV resistant non-TGIC powder coat finish for maximum durability in corrosive environments. See our latest case study on our NOVA LED solution installed at the Port of Savannah.

Airports and Aerospace
Bright Light Systems offers high-performance, long-lasting lighting solutions for the aerospace and airport industry. Our NOVA HM LED High-Mast luminaire provides uniform coverage while minimizing glare and light trespass for pilots, ground crews, and maintenance personnel. Visit Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Sea-Tac Airport, and US Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay to see our lights illuminating the aircraft apron.


Rail Yards and Intermodal Facilities
Our fixtures are rated for over 100,000 hours and are designed for easy lamp or module replacement. LED and Plasma (LEP) offer the benefits of longevity but also can withstand extreme shock and vibration unlike traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) fixtures that can be extremely fragile. View our case study about plasma lighting at a rail yard facility in North Carolina.

Highway and Roadway
The NOVA HM offers an energy-efficient alternative over the conventional yellow-colored high pressure sodium lights found on streets and highway interchanges. The clean, white light offers superior visual clarity and recognition for drivers on the roadway. Check out a recent case study about a project with Texas DOT.


Bright Light fixtures are an ideal solution for factory perimeters, maintenance yards, parking lots, and high bay lighting. Our BLP500 is over 50% more energy efficient than a 460 watt Metal Halide system and lasts over 4 times as long before lamp replacement.


Military Facilities
Our solid-state luminiares consume 50% less power than a conventional High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixture and allow dimming from 1% to 100%. Intelligent dimming control achieves up to 25-30% additional energy savings and prolongs the life of the luminaire.

Marine Ports