Take Control of Your Lighting.


Bright Light Management System

The Bright Light Management System (BLMS) is a comprehensive lighting management, monitoring, and reporting platform that offers Adaptive Controls with scheduling to achieve energy savings up to 25-30%.



Bright Light Systems LED fixtures provide maximum performance and durabilty for harsh operating environments. Constructed from AL5052 aluminum and 304 stainless steel our weatherproof enclosures offer a UV-resistant TGIC powder coat finish that is AAMA 2603 and ROHS compliant. Utilizing the latest in solid-state LED technology, we build longevity and reliability into all of our products while still providing a cost effective lighting solution for our customers.

Light Emitting Plasma (LEP)

Light Emitting Plasma is an innovative lighting technology that shares similar benefits to LED like energy efficiency, longevity, and reliability but has a much higher lumen density (up to 100x greater) and a full color spectrum without phosphor conversion - resulting in superior performance in higher lumen applications. Powering a lamp without electrodes in a compact resonator allows for a completely sealed and more robust quartz lamp, a directional beam pattern to improve optical efficiency, and dimmability to 20% that enhances lamp life. Our LEP fixtures are constructed from copper-free marine grade aluminum and come with a polyester powder coat in natural for a long-lasting, durable finish.