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Janet Jones Kendall, Contributing Writer (Atlanta Business Chronicle)

It doesn’t take a better lighting system to see massive energy savings, but Bright Light Systems Inc., gives its customers both anyway.

Bright Light Systems is an energy-efficient lighting company founded in 2011 in Alpharetta that specializes in lighting applications taller than 50 feet. Bright Light products combine the most high-tech light source available (light-emitting plasma or LEP) and a state-of-the-art control, scheduling and monitoring system that significantly reduces energy consumption..

“The market buzz on lighting is around light-emitting diodes (LED), but that technology has limitations and cannot fulfill the high mast application whereas BLS’ plasma luminaries are a direct replacement,” said Bright Light CEO Brad Lurie.

Bright Light has been named the New Company of the Year in the 2014 Governor’s International Awards, sponsored by Atlanta Business Chronicle in partnership with the World Trade Center Atlanta.

Bright Light Systems has installed projects in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and New Zealand as well as the United States, and currently is looking at projects in Australia, Mexico, Spain and several Middle Eastern countries.

“Our technology provides a path to reduce energy dependence by up to 85 percent,” Lurie said. “In countries with highest utility rates, there is an extreme incentive to reduce energy as it ties directly to dollar savings.”

This is important in places like Puerto Rico, where power bills average more than twice those in the United States mainland. Shipping giant Horizon Lines installed Bright Light Systems at their docks in San Juan and immediately saw energy savings of between 50 percent and 60 percent a month, said Artie Davila, operations manager for Horizon Lines in Puerto Rico. With that savings rate, Horizon will recoup its cost of installing the lights in 2.4 years, Davila said.