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World Port Development - The unrelenting 24/7 nature of ports means operators work day and night to consistently load and off-load ships at rapid pace. A hive of activity with thousands upon thousands of working and moving parts - from human to machine - there are endless possibilities for accidents and disasters lurking around every corner. Moreover, the need to yield such consistent efficiency means that seamless and uninterrupted operations are of paramount importance. As such, sufficient port illumination and lighting requirements are not only fundamental but critical to the day-to-day workings of ports around the globe. Not just for the obvious reason of allowing ports and terminals to operate throughout the night, but also to improve visibility in general, avoid drowsiness and enhance security as well as improve productivity.

LED leads the way

Specifically, in recent years, LED lighting has become more and more popular as the advantages of such technology have
progressively come to light (no pun intended). LED lighting consumes around only one third of the energy of traditional light sources. Taking into account that energy consumption makes up somewhere in the region of 60% of a port’s operating expenses, in addition to rising energy costs, this is a major merit of LED lighting. Indeed, U.S. Georgia-based company Bright Light Systems (BLS) - a key supplier of LED lighting and controls software for the high-mast transportation market - says it offers up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high-mast lighting market.