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Bright Light Systems Introduces IP65 Approved BLP1100 and BLP450 Plasma Luminaires

Bright Light Systems, a leading manufacturer of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires and wireless lighting controls, today announced the introduction of the BLP450 Area/Site and BLP1100 High Mast Luminaires. Incorporating innovative electrodeless plasma lamp technology, these fixtures deliver a superior quality, full-spectrum light while providing energy savings up to 50 percent when compared to typical high-intensity discharge (HID) solutions.

“With the challenging operating environments of ports and railroads in mind, we engineered these fixtures for performance and reliability,” says John Chalmers, Director of Marketing for Bright Light Systems. “The compact plasma source combined with highly efficient optical designs provide exceptional uniformity and help minimize glare and light trespass.”

The BLP450 and BLP1100 LEP luminaires take advantage of multiple high-density, plasma packages up to 50,000 lumens with a 5200 Kelvin (K) correlated color temperature (CCT) and CRI ranging from 75 to 95. Superior optical performance is achieved with five unique optical distributions that are 90-degree field-rotatable for versatility and directional control for any area or high-mast lighting application. The rugged housing is made from marine-grade copper-free aluminum with a zinc undercoat and polyester powder coat finish for high-durability in harsh operating environments. Both enclosures are IP65 rated and designed for long-term reliability well-above the 10-year operating lifetime of the luminaires. Designed for wet location, the BLP450 and BLP1100 are RCM approved and meet appropriate EMC and FCC standards.

The BLP450 and BLP1000 offer integrated wireless control and connectivity to the Bright Light Management System (BLMS). BLMS is a cloud-based lighting management platform that provides adaptive lighting control with energy usage and maintenance monitoring capabilities to achieve additional energy savings up to 30%.

“These newly designed fixtures incorporate the latest concepts in plasma luminaire design and are a definite upgrade to our existing products,” says Brad Lurie, CEO of Bright Light Systems. “It further demonstrates our commitment to providing a high-efficiency lighting solution that delivers energy savings but also high performance for the safety and security for our customers.”