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BLS to Provide Innovative and Sustainable Plasma Lighting in new Terminal at Australia’s largest port

Bright Light Systems, a leading manufacturer of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires and wireless lighting controls, has been selected by Victoria International Container Terminal to provide high-mast plasma lighting along with the Bright Light Management System for the Port of Melbourne’s new international container terminal at Webb Dock. The Port of Melbourne, located in the State of Victoria, is the largest container and general cargo port in Australia. Due to start operations in the final quarter of 2016, Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) will be one of the most automated and advanced container terminal operations in the world. When fully developed VICT, with its prime bayside position at Webb Dock East, will have a total of five ship-to-shore cranes, and will be able to handle at least 1.4 million containers annually.

BLS will provide around 350 high-efficiency plasma lights to the customer illuminating an area of 350,000 square meters on an as-needs basis. “We are very excited to offer our innovative Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) high-mast lighting solution to Victoria International Container Terminal,” said Brad Lurie, president and CEO of Bright Light Systems. “The superior quality light that plasma technology offers combined with our lighting management platform will enable VICT to maximize energy savings while providing a safe and secure work environment for port personnel.”

Bright Light Systems will also provide their Bright Light Management System (BLMS) to optimize lighting for the terminal and reduce maintenance costs. “The BLMS wireless lighting controls enable customers to achieve an additional 25-30% energy savings on top of the high-efficiency lighting we deliver,” said John Chalmers, Director of Marketing for BLS. “Our easy-to-use web-based interface offers powerful lighting management, monitoring and reporting tools for container terminal facilities to optimize lighting around their operational needs.”

Anders Dømmestrup, CEO of VICT added, “Installing Bright Light Systems’ leading-edge, plasma lighting with sophisticated networked lighting controls helps us achieve VICT’s project goals of reducing energy consumption and minimizing obtrusive lighting for surrounding communities, while providing the safest possible environment for our workers. It further demonstrates our commitment to becoming one of the most advanced and sustainable container terminal facilities in the world.”

Victoria International Container Terminal joins an extensive list of leading facilities that have benefitted from Bright Light Systems’ innovative lighting solutions, which includes the Port of Seattle, Port of Oakland, Port of Barbados and the Port of Newark. VICT is scheduled to begin operations by December 31, 2016.