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The BLS IoT Gateway resides on the edge of the cloud and provides reliable and secure communication from nodes to the Bright Light Management System server hosted in the AWS Cloud. It comes standard with a polycarbonate NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure that is built to withstand harsh outdoor climates and communicates over Ethernet/Fiber or Cellular (3G/LTE) technology. 


Integration with the Bright Light Management System (BLMS)
The BLS IoT Gateway collects data from the different nodes and sensors in the network and provides the secure backhaul communication to the BLMS server where customers can monitor energy consumption data and maintenance information. The BLS IoT Gateway uses secure, 128-bit AES encrypted communication to provide current status at the individual light node, zone, or network level.

Seamless Commissioning
The installation and commissioning of new light nodes in the network is an easy and painless process. Our IoT gateway automatically detects new lights / sensors and propagates pertinent asset metadata from each device directly into the BLMS database — simplifying setup for your network.

Remote Management
Our gateways and controllers support over-the-air (OTA) updates for an efficient upgrade process that keeps controllers current with the latest firmware while minimizing down-time. Our scalable architecture allows you to intelligently and efficiently manage your lights any time, any where from a web-enabled phone, tablet, or PC.

  • RJ45 Ethernet/Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE cellular
  • Programmable USB interface
  • Up to 250 lights per gateway
  • 120-277 VAC (50/60Hz) input voltage
  • Less than 4W power usage
  • Non-volatile memory for configuration
  • Stand-alone (network fail) mode
  • Surge protected
  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure, IP66 Rated
  • 90-308 VAC (50/60Hz) input voltage
  • -45°C to 85°C internal temperature
  • -45°C to 50°C ambient temperature

Download the BLS Iot Gateway datasheet

  • Griff-Lynch-profile

    "This new computer-controlled LED system is a great solution, providing superior lighting while reducing our costs and shrinking GPA’s environmental footprint. This investment is part of the Authority’s commitment to responsible, sustainable growth."

    Griff Lynch
    Executive Director, Georgia Ports Authority
  • “We selected Bright Light Systems for their proven lighting and controls software that gives us a whole new way of thinking about our nighttime operations with the flexibility to dim certain areas of the terminal when there are no operations. This unique level of control over our terminal lighting will deliver substantial cost savings that supports our sustainability commitment to The Bahamas and will free up capital for other necessary port infrastructure improvements.”

    Richard McCombe
    Vice President of Operations & Facilities, Arawak Port Development
  • In order to provide the best conditions for our customers and work force, we needed to upgrade the lighting. Longshoremen have told me the new BLS lights have significantly improved working conditions, and we are all very pleased with our new lighting on the piers. The luminaires installed easily onto our existing infrastructure, and we were able to aim the light where it’s needed to eliminate dark areas. Looked at from all aspects, the upgrade has a positive effect on the environment.”

    Robert Hoyman
    Marine Maintenance Project Manager, Port of Seattle
  • Michael-Smart-profile

    The new LED lights and controls from BLS have made it safer for our personnel working the yard. By using motion sensors in tandem with the Bright Light Management System we’re seeing significant energy savings on our utility bill.

    Michael Smart
    Operations Manager, A. Harvey & Company
  • The LED lights have made a big difference and they are definitely a tremendous improvement in the safety of the interchanges.” 

    Brad Tiemann
    Transportation Director, TxDOT, Tyler District
  • "We chose Bright Light Systems LED lights because of their ability to reduce our maintenance costs and generate significant energy savings on our electric bill. Port Freeport is always seeking out innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and these new lights along with their BLMS adaptive controls platform reinforces our commitment to energy management."

    Jason Hull, P.E.
    Director of Engineering, Port Freeport
  • "The new LED lights from Bright Light Systems will provide greater visibility and safety for our employees working around the aircraft while generating important operational savings for the airport,” said Monique Richard, ATL Station Manager for Southwest Airlines. “The maintenance and energy savings along with improved lighting levels in the ramp area is a win-win situation for both Southwest Airlines and the Atlanta airport.”

    Monique Richard
    ATL Station Manager, Southwest Airlines
  • Phyllis Saathoff - Executive Director/CEO, Port Freeport

    “Port Freeport is continually evaluating innovative technologies that will support sustainable operations. The energy-efficient LED lighting and controls solution from Bright Light Systems supports our commitment to sustainable energy management and reducing our carbon footprint.”

    Phyllis Saathoff
    Executive Director/CEO, Port Freeport
  • Paul Kresta - Port Freeport Commission Chairman

    “The LED lighting retrofit project from Bright Light Systems supports our mission of growth and innovation for Port Freeport. The improved energy savings and reduction in light dispersion to the surrounding community demonstrates our dedication to providing a safer, more efficient environment for our customers and citizens.”

    Paul Kresta
    Port Freeport Commission Chairman