• Seattle Pier

The Port of Seattle is over 100 years old and the 10th largest port in the United States. It creates nearly 200,000 jobs in the Seattle - Tacoma area and contributes $17 billion to the local economy. Terminals 90/91 serve commercial workboats and 180 cruise ship departures each year for Carnival, Princess, and Royal Caribbean lines. The terminals are also home to the Northern Fishing Fleet.

Seattle, WA

Work on the docks goes on 24/7, and the existing 180 high-mast High Pressure Sodium luminaires had reached their useful lifespan. HPS wasn’t delivering the light coverage the Port needed to meet current standards and ensure optimum safety in a nighttime working environment. And there was a clear opportunity to save energy costs using a new lighting technology.


With existing poles at 65 feet high, the Port of Seattle retrofitted high energy use 1000W HPS with Bright Light Systems 540W BLP1000 Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires. LEP luminaires provide increased color recognition, are dimmable to 20%, and carry a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours. Energy costs for Terminals 90/91 are projected to be reduced by 50%. LEP luminaires are reliable, provide superior light distribution, and the crisp white light (5200K) enhances security cameras’ image acuity and the ability to recognize faces.


• Projected annual kWh saved: 508,518 kWh
• Projected annual energy savings: $40,681
• Reduced CO2 emissions: 351 metric tons
• Payback: < 4.8 years

Testimonial - Robert Hoyman - Port of Seattle

In order to provide the best conditions for our customers and work force, we needed to upgrade the lighting. Longshoremen have told me the new BLS lights have significantly improved working conditions, and we are all very pleased with our new lighting on the piers. The luminaires installed easily onto our existing infrastructure, and we were able to aim the light where it’s needed to eliminate dark areas. Looked at from all aspects, the upgrade has a positive effect on the environment.”

Robert Hoyman
Marine Maintenance Project Manager, Port of Seattle